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Watertown's Transportation Network

Watertown is a densely populated community with approximately 31,000 people within 4.1 square miles. Watertown's transportation network has allowed the community to grow from a Colonial center of trade and farming in the 1600 and 1700s into an industrial center in the late 1800s and early to mid-twentieth century. The road system was expanded and improved to address the housing boom of the 1920s-and 1930s, as well as the more recent growth in housing after World War II.

Today, Watertown has a transportation network of approximately 80 miles of roads in what is primarily a built-out community. The network has served the community well despite the challenges of working with historic paths, which provided a basis for the current system. Watertown is now working on implementing innovative transportation improvements for better safety and more mobility of residents while considering its part in the regional network.


Project Description
Orchard & Common St Intersection A project to improve the intersection at Orchard Street, Common Street, and Church Street by developing a traffic circle. Initial Design
Belmont St Corridor A Belmont project that will improve Belmont Street along the entire length of Watertown from Trapelo Road to Mt Auburn Street. Construction Phase
Charles River Connectivity Study A DCR project looking at bicycle and pedestrian connectivity issues within the Charles River Basin, including the Charles River Greenway from Watertown Square to Cambridge along the river. Completed
Community Path Project A proposed multi-use path along the former rail corridor connecting DCR's Watertown Greenway through Watertown Square to the Pleasant St corridor and the Charles River. Proposed
Main St Corridor This series of improvements proposed for Main St from Moxley Field west to the Town line is proposed in two phases with Bike Lanes installed first and Bump-Outs at a later date. 2012/Phased
MBTA Bus Routes The MBTA has looked at the bus routes which service Watertown and have proposed some modifications to stop location and size
Mt Auburn St Corridor This study considers options for road improvements (bike lanes, etc.) for Mt Auburn St. from Mt Auburn Cemetery to Summer St.
Active Design
Watertown Greenway DCR built the first phase of a greenway that is planned to connect Watertown and the Charles River to Fresh Pond & Alewife and the regional greenway system. Phase I complete, Phase II planning
Waverly Avenue Corridor This rehabilitation project for the Waverly Avenue Corridor included raised intersections for safer street crossings at the Middle School and at Linear Park (part of the Community Path Project). Completed